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ASK NACK is our new interactive service where we will provide you expert advice for FREE. What IT challenges are you or your business facing right now? Simply message us ANY question and we will respond very quickly. We understand there are many levels of technical expertise, a professor once told me that "the only dumb question is the one not asked". Your questions can remain private or we can share the Q&A anonymously.

Working from home and need help setting things up? Don't have the proper hardware, cables? Need us to deliver you a cable monitor, set up a cloud-based phone solution? What about set up your printer? Changes to your website to keep your customers informed? New Cell phone and need to move data over? Are you worried about your emails that are in GoDaddy are holding you down? Let us help you protect your data by implementing a DR (disaster recovery plan) to get your data in a highly secure cloud such as Office 365 or GSuite (Google).

The number one question we receive in terms of cloud solutions is "Is my data safe in the cloud? This is my favorite one because I typically walk the customer outside to the hood of my car and run a penetration test and they are amazed at what data I can pull that quickly from OUTSIDE of the building.
I can assure you that your data is safer in the RIGHT CLOUD vs MOST local on-premises setups. Besides, we live in hurricane alley, its important to have redundancy and full backups.

From all of us at NACK, please keep you and your loved ones safe! We are here to support you both at your office or remotely (our tools are state of the art and allow us to act as a virtual IT department for your company or personal IT needs.

Nicholas Kopteros
President & CEO of NACK, LLC
Offices: Tarpon Springs, FL

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