Top #5 Reasons to Use Cloud Backup as a Service

Direct-attached storages are a matter of the past. All the fear of data getting corrupted or getting lost has now become obsolete. All thanks to the newest tech that we know as cloud storage. And, when you can avail the utility of cloud backup from a reputed and reliable managed IT security service provider, giving it a second thought is nothing but a waste of time.

Unfortunately, the majority of the small-to-medium-sized businesses tend to stay away from this tech as they prefer to stick with the old-fashioned way due to lack of awareness.

So, being an IT consulting firm, we have prepared a list of reasons that will help you get a clear picture of why you should opt for cloud backup as a service.

Let’s get started.

#5 Reasons to Opt for Cloud Backup

Here are the reasons that will help you understand why cloud backup is a far better option than regular direct-attached storage.

1. It Is Cost-Effective

It is often tough for small businesses to allot a huge budget for their IT operations. So, for such businesses, cloud backup can prove to be very cost-effective as it does not cost much when compared to direct-attached storage. Also, you can utilize as much cloud storage you require and you will be charged according to what you make use of. All you need is to invest a small sum of a few hundred dollars and you can store all your data in the cloud.

2. You Can Access It On-The-Go

Cloud storage gives you the power to access your stored data from anywhere at any time. All you require is an internet connection, and you will be able to work on your saved data in the cloud storage through a computer or a smartphone. So, the old days of traveling back to your office or carrying a hefty laptop with you are over. Just switch to cloud storage.

3. It Is Automated

Small to medium-sized businesses that prefer to go with direct-attached storage, have some set data protocols. They interrupt their employees daily to get a backup of their tasks to stay away from the risks of data corruption or any other data related hazard. This practice does not just hamper work but also affects the overall ROI of the company. On the other hand, storing data on the cloud is an automated process. It saves time and boosts productivity as well.

4. It Brings Down the Downtime

And then comes downtime that is capable of breaking a business. Yes, when you do not have access to your computer or laptop, all your data stored in direct-attach storages are of no use. However, it is quite different if you have already opted for cloud storage as, with this, you will have access to all your important files and documents at all times.

5. No Infrastructure Investment

You do not require any additional hardware infrastructure to store your data when you rely on cloud storage. All you need is a stable network connection. And, whenever you feel like you need to access that stored data, just download it from the cloud, and you are good to go.

No other storage backup would empower you with such benefits. No need to rely on inferior systems. So, what are you waiting for? Just get in touch with the best managed IT security service provider of Tampa, Florida, none other than NACK LLC.